Where To Go? | 7 Best Ways On How To Choose Your Career

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Once we muster up the courage and get started, many keep on wandering throughout life and cannot do something worthwhile. Life slips out of hand in no time. It is like the directionless ship which never reaches the shore.

With so many people switching over careers these days and the others wanting a good career option to begin with, I thought this would be a significant topic to deal with.

During the yesteryears, we just had to choose between medical and engineering. These were the only two fields which were considered respectable as well as with a decent pay scale. But, that is not the case now. Merchant Navy, horticulture, biotechnology, fashion designing, hotel industry, aviation industry, humanities and much more. Which is the best one for you is the Million Dollar question. I would rather say that we are spoilt for choices now.

Here are 7 best ways on how to choose your career.

  1. Inner call

  2. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

  3. What I like and what I am good at, serves as a good combo.

  4. Money is something which cannot be ignored.

  5. Know your resources.

  6. Age is an important factor.

  7. Parents are not your enemies.

1) Inner call
There is an inner voice which tells you what to do, rather it tells you that you are born to be so and so. You are born to serve the nation, you are born to work for the downtrodden, etc. But, this is a rare occurrence. Rare, because we have not trained our ourselves to listen to the inner voice, nor do we have the patience to sit with ourselves and connect to the higher energies. This might seem weird to many, but believe me it is a very powerful tool for those who have raised themselves to that level.

It’s just fine if you can not hear the inner voice, most of us can’t. Still, we can choose the best career for ourselves by following the other tips.

2) Know your strengths and weaknesses
This is one point which we miss out and then repent all our lives. According to me, it is the most important one and should not be missed out at any cost. Half an hour for yourself is not a big deal and that too for something which might change the course of your life. Sit down in a silent place with a calm mind and of course with a pen and paper. That might sound outdated for some. It’s ok to use your smartphone, lappy or tab for the same purpose. The only thing I want you to do is to think and jot down your strengths and limitations. It’s easier than what you think. You only need to push yourself to do it. I am not asking you to do the whole SWOT analysis (Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats), which if done would be even better. But, for now just list out your strengths and limitations. Even this would be a fantastic tool to guide you towards the correct direction. Your strengths and weaknesses will also give you an idea about your true nature which in turn will add as guidance points to direct you towards the right career. A person who is sincere and who can sit for hours together with the books, can opt for pure sciences, become a scientist and spend his whole life digging deep into one single topic, but for a happy go lucky person who is not interested in academics the same career would turn out to be an extremely bad option. He should go in for something light.

3) What I like and what I am good at, serves as a good combo

The first part is simple and most of us know what we like. I would love to be in the film industry, fashion industry or an entrepreneur, etc. Many teenagers come to me with the aim of becoming a hero/heroine. Is it that simple? Do you have the talent to face the camera? Are you an inborn actor? If not hold on, there are many other career options. The glamour attached to some fields attracts many in that direction. In the end, they are frustrated and depressed. The second point, knowing your strengths, will be of great help. Please combine the two, what you like and what you are good at. Only the combination works, not just one amongst them.  Someone likes commerce and she has got the business acumen as well. It goes beyond doubt that she will do very well in this field. The combination works.

4) Money is something which cannot be ignored

By this, I do not mean that you have to run after money or earn money by hook or crook. I definitely do not endorse minting money by unethical means, but at the same time money has its own place and importance. I am sure this generation being more practical gives money it’s due importance. What I want to emphasize on, is whatever field you choose for yourself, weigh it against the money and the time that you are going to spend for getting educated. Look out for the current scenario. How much is the saturation? How many are the job opportunities? How much is the pay scale? Going blindly for just what you like may land you in a soup.

Secondly, please do not get carried away by the lucrative annual packages which most of the companies advertise. If it is too good to be true, it is too good to be true. At times, these fat packages are only for a select few. Reaching that level may take up a lifetime for some.  Also, think about what the scenario will look like after ten, twenty years. Will it still be a good field to be in? Will it even exist? Take these questions into consideration before you seal your choice.

5) Know your resources

Ideas, thoughts, talents are definitely powerful resources. But, here we would like to restrict ourselves to material resources. If your father is in hotel industry, you have all the infrastructure and the necessary contacts, it will definitely be easy for you to be a successful hotelier rather than struggling to be an eminent doctor all your life. If your mother happens to be a doctor with a good patient base, it would be wiser to become a medico rather than struggling to be a highly paid singer.

This does not mean that I discourage you choosing your career as per your passion or liking. I just want you to give a thought to this aspect as well. Do not ignore it. It is practical and fruitful.

6) Age is an important factor

“At what age do I wish to start earning?” Is a question which each one of us should ask ourselves. If it is ok with you to start earning after thirty, only then should you think of a medical field. Can you afford to wait till that age, is also something worth considering.

“Till what age will I be earning? is what we forget to ask ourselves. People take up modelling as their careers and then they are at a loss to know what to do with their lives once they cross their youth and the glorious days attached to this short lived career. So, age is one factor which cannot be sidelined.

7) Parents are not your enemies

Unfortunately, we have to choose our careers during our teenage. At this particular age our friends influence us more than our family. The fact is that friends are not mature enough, nor do they possess the in depth knowledge of the world, nor are they your true well wishers (except a very few) to guide you properly.  Take it from me that your parents know you more than yourselves, they have a rich treasure of experiences, they have complete knowledge about the resources available with your family and they are the best well wishers you can ask for. Taking their guidance will definitely be beneficial for you.

I would be the first person to oppose parents who thrust their own dreams and aims or unfulfilled wishes on their children, especially when it is comes to a child’s career, but at the same time I would recommend children to take their parent’s valuable guidance. This will take you to new heights.

I hope these tips will give a proper direction to your life.
I sign off for now. See you on Sunday, with another ray of sunshine.

—  Dr. Anu
International Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer

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Dr. Anu

Dr. Anu

Dr. Anuradha is an International Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Corporate Trainer who wants to change peoples' lives by motivating and inspiring them to take action.

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