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Get Started | 5 Ways to Get Started | Dr Anu Motivation

With the blessings of Ganesha, this Ganesh festival I start my regular blogs with the Title “Sunday Sunshine”. The first topic to be covered is an interesting one, it is “Get started” popularly called as “Shree Ganesha” in the Indian context.

Why do we hesitate to begin or to get started? This question has been lingering in my mind for long and I have come across a number of easily implementable solutions. Before we discuss the solutions can we just give a thought to “What if the Wright brothers had not started with the idea of making an airplane?”, “What if Thomas Edison had not started with his brilliant idea of making a bulb?”, “What if McDonald had not started with a chain of yummy eateries?”, “What if someone had not started to make a chair?”, “What if Valmiki had not started writing RAMAYANA?” and the list is endless.

Lives of people in this world would be far from convenient, without an airplane to travel at tremendous speed, without the electricity to get work done easily rather than stumbling upon in the dark, the taste buds would have missed the yummy McDonald’s burger, squatting down on the ground for every single task would be really cumbersome without the chair. The teachings of “The Ramayana” which enlighten the world to live better lives, would be terribly missed.

The world is a much better place because these people “Got started”. They started working on the very idea they were passionate about. You and me, too have some brilliant ideas popping up in our minds but the difference is we never get started. Someone wants to write a book, someone wants to make a beautiful painting, someone wants to start a new business, someone wants to serve the nation, someone wants to help the needy, someone wants to highlight her hair, etc. The challenge is to get started. Our wants remain our wants, and do not become a reality because we don’t take the first step and that is to start working on the idea we are passionate about.

Here are 5 best ways to get started.

1) Shed off your laziness.

2) Tomorrow never comes.

3) People’s opinions are their opinions, not yours.

4) Comparison kills your creativity.

5) Perfection is not for initial stages.

1) Shed off your laziness

Do we have any option than to shed off our laziness? The problem with us is we all want to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. But, to go to heaven, you must die. If we want the results, it is but natural that we need to take efforts in that particular direction. Is it ever possible that you keep sitting at a place and the plate of food appears from no where and finds it’s way to your stomach? You have to earn your meal. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH.  It is me and only me who can push myself and take action. People can motivate me for a while but my own mind has to force me to shake my lazy bones and get going.

2) Tomorrow never comes

The habit of procrastination is a big enemy.  Unfortunately, we fall into the trap of postponing important things. If I need to make a painting, I need to bring the brush from the market today. I cannot wait for tomorrow because life is life, we don’t know what we have in store for tomorrow. Some medical emergency in the family might crop up tomorrow and obviously the painting brushes will find no time in the schedule. So, just grab the keys, start the vehicle and get your painting brushes right now. Tomorrow never comes and when it comes, it becomes today and that today will already have a list of tasks to be done. So, why wait, do it now.

3) People’s opinions are their opinions, not yours

People are people, a lovely bunch although, have a bad habit of giving opinions even though not asked for. Though they seem to be your close ones, I wonder how close they are. They are the ones who tell you that you are not good at it or this is not the right time to do it or you do not have all the money in the world to do it. Most of the times they are jealous of you and don’t want you to progress. At times they have a laid back attitude, they lay comfortably in their sofas and invite you to do so. Whatever the reason, it’s your life. You have decided to do it, go ahead. People’s opinions really don’t matter, moreover they keep on changing their opinions.  Become successful and the same people will say, “I knew you could do it, you have all that talent”.

4) Comparison kills your creativity

We are unique and we all know that. But still, we compare ourselves to someone we know, to someone in that particular field and we start measuring our performance with that person which really cannot be justified. That person is that person, with different set of skills, different set of circumstances, different set of resources.  Moreover, trying to become like somebody kills your uniqueness and your creativity. How can you compare an apple with an orange?  Both are important, but both are different. Compare with your earlier performances, compare with your earlier self, to better yourself. Comparing with others will only delay the process of “Getting started”.

5) Perfection is not for initial stages

Many people don’t get started because they feel that they are not yet perfect in that particular skill or particular job. It is definitely good to be a perfectionist, but let us remember that perfection comes with practice and with time. The more time you invest, the more number of times you do a particular thing, the more you tread towards perfection. But, for now you just need to get started, so a little know how of the subject and the desire to do it will be enough to start. Then, you can keep on refining yourself and excel. The forest would be a quieter place if only the cuckoo sang. It is because all the other birds sing the way they can, the forest is a merrier place.

Make this world a better place by “Getting started” to do what you have been longing to do all the while.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

Why wait? Get started.

I sign off for now. See you, next Sunday with another ray of sunshine to brighten your world.

—  Dr. Anu
International Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer

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Dr. Anu

Dr. Anu

Dr. Anuradha is an International Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Corporate Trainer who wants to change peoples' lives by motivating and inspiring them to take action.

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This Post Has 69 Comments

  1. Aditya

    Thank you for this post. I really struggle with the fifth point you mentioned, can you let me know how can I overcome it?

    Looking forward to read your future posts. Thank you!!

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Aditya for checking out the blog post.

      My simple answer is “Focus on PROGRESS, not perfection. There’s no such thing like ‘The Perfect Time.’ Get started as soon as you can and then try to progress each and every day towards your goal. And eventually, you’ll be close to perfection.

      In my future posts, I’ll write more content related to this topic. Thank you!!

  2. Dr Ameet

    Thanks a lot for your motivating post…..Waiting for your next post…..

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thank you so much Dr. Ameet. Will keep on adding more inspiring posts.

  3. Niranjan Chogle

    It’s a great start Any. Hope to read more enlightening stuff in the future.

    1. Dr. Anu

      Sure Niranjan. Thank you so much.

  4. Sanjai Ojha

    Many congratulations for this initiative. Many people will benefit for sure

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Sanjay sir. Hope more and more people benefit.

  5. Deepa

    Got to read the blog at a perfect time. Since a while thinking of starting a new venture. Let’s hope all things fall into right place at the right time.

    1. Dr. Anu

      Deepa, don’t wait for things to fall in the right place at the right time.Start soon. All the best for your new venture.

  6. Dr Jagruti Shah

    Dear Anu,
    Hearty congratulations.
    Great initiative .
    Your very first blog is can change anyone’s life .
    Very happy for your effots .

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Jagruti mam for your encouraging words.

  7. Rasheed Bhurani

    Nice start Anu. Well begun half done. Keep it up. Waiting for the next week.

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks for your appreciation Rashid bhai.

  8. Rasheed Bhurani

    Well begun half done…. keep it up Anu.
    Wishing you all the best for the next post.

  9. Anonymous

    Hey!! “I knew you hd the talent!!!” Ha!!Ha!! Emphasising point number three…
    Anyway great start Anu…God bless and Congrats. Good article, well written too.

    1. Dr. Anu

      Ha ha, people change colours like chameleon and their opinions too. Thanks for your best wishes.

  10. Ravish Agrawal


    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Ravish.

  11. Rajesh Bode

    Thank you very much Madam for sharing these Golden thoughts with me, I’m assure you to inculcate in my work and life

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Rajesh sir. Your assurance is the first step. Implementation will be the next. Take the next step soon.

  12. Mangala Dhoran

    Excellant work & fruitfull knowledge convey to proper guidance for youth

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Mangala. Proper guidance to the youth is the need of the hour.

  13. Naresh Jain

    It is indeed an enlightening post. Worth a share. Will be waiting for your future posts ma’am.
    Thank you for sharing

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Naresh. Will definitely come up with more inspiring posts.

  14. Dr Subodh Purohit

    Hello Anuradha madam I had the good fortune of reading your article , . It is really well-written and contained sound, practical tips with remarkable anecdotes. . I admire the way you have pointed out several strategic points to get started and get in rhythm too.. Madam, I look forward to read your next informative blog. Thank you

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Dr. Subodh.I believe that ideological concepts have their own place but practical tips are better than ideological concepts. Easy to implement.

  15. Sandip

    Excellent Dr Anu.keep writing and postings wonderful ideas. It will inspire many including me.

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Sandeep. I aim to inspire many, of course including you.

  16. Trupti

    A must read!! Looking forward for more write ups!

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Trupti for your words of admiration.

  17. dr vilhekar

    amazing motivation

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Dr. Vilhekar for your motivating comment too.

  18. Moin

    Really inspirational one. And very much near to reality and our routine.

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Moin. Aiming to give more and more practical tips.

  19. Fr. Arockia Samy

    A great initiative Dr. Anuradha. It s really a motivating lesson for young minds. God bless you for this Great START

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks father Samy. True, young minds need it most.

  20. Anoj Agarwala

    Excellent. So nice and true. Can we get notifications every weekend to participate in this family.

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Anoj. We are in the process of sending notifications via mail. Till then, please share your WhatsApp number so that you get a notification on WhatsApp.

  21. Dilip D Motiani

    It was just amazing and wonderful things to read .keep continuing so that our skills get enhanced.

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Dilip sir. Very rightly said, our life skills need to be enhanced and I can help you with it.

    2. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Dilip sir. How true, our life skills need to be enhanced and I can help you with it.

  22. Aaditya Thakare

    Lovely blog please keep writing … Great motivation… Waiting for next sunday… Thank u mam for motivation…

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Aditya. Will surely keep writing.

  23. Dr. Lalita Lokhande

    A very inspiring write-up indeed . You have very nicely elaborated on the various aspects of the hurdles in getting started. Surely will try to work on them for myself . Looking forward to your next one.

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Dr. Lalita. The hurdles can be overcome if you are passionate about your goal.

  24. Dr veena

    Thank you mam for such a beautiful am awaiting for every Sunday to grab ur blog

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Dr. Veena for your wonderful words.

  25. Sanjeev

    Snnday Sunshine की पहली किरण ने कश्मकश से भरे, हॉ और ना के बादलों को हटाने में अच्छी मदद की है…..धन्यवाद.

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Sanjeev. Happy that the clouds of doubt have vanished.

  26. Dr Anupama Varma

    Very gud topic to start the blog n timing too, congratulations fr u for..get started or u did shree Ganesh of motivational effort to make this world more beautiful, looking forward fr next blog. Intelligent people work fr world n u r genius.keep writing, world is waiting for those golden lines

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Dr. Anupama for your beautiful words of appreciation. Aiming to motivate more and more people.

  27. Dr. Jayesh Ingle

    Thank you so much madam for the great encouraging words.. this write up will definitely boost up ones creativity…
    Worth reading and implementing…
    Thanks again !

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thank you so much Dr. Jayesh. Boosting one’s creativity and taking efforts in that direction will work wonders.

  28. Nirmala Heda

    Thanks Anu for the Post. Its really v. Motivating to get started. Even now after 45 there are so many things we feel to do but never even tried to giving excuses and reasons to self related with the points you mentioned in your post. Your thoughts will surely help me and many more to bring sunshine in our life.

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Nirmala. Age is no bar to dream and to chase our dreams to reality.

  29. Sarita

    I always have a fear to do anything new. But once I’m into it I go easily with the flow.
    Now onwards I’ll try to follow what you said. May be I always compare myself with others who are better than me and so I get nervous.

    Will be waiting for next Sunday.

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Sarita. Working on the 4th point “Comparison kills creativity” will give you the desired results.

  30. Namrata

    Fabulous work mam and very motivational

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Namrata for your appreciation.

  31. Chaitali gange

    Awesome work mam looking forward for more such blog posts gives all of us a huge motivation it’s our pleasure to have such a great motivator between us ????????

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Chaitali. Motivating people is my passion and profession.

  32. Dr.Sanjvani Deshmukh

    Thanku for such a beautiful blog.
    Waiting for next sonday

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Dr. Sanjvani for your encouraging words.

  33. Kiran Deshmukh

    Very nice with out using jargons the things are put in straight way

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Kiran sir. Keeping it simple for better understanding and implementation.

  34. Varsha

    Aptly true! Perfect analysis of why don’t we start up!!

    1. Dr. Anu

      Thanks Varsha. Hope this analysis helps you.

  35. Manoj

    Very encouraging, Comparision kills creativity and Perfection is not for initial stages,
    Waiting for many more blog. All the best.

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